Dental crown porcelain metal :
220€ (Hungary),
340€ (Netherlands)

Dental crown porcelain zirconia :
320€ (Hungary),
420€ (Netherlands)

Dental clinic in Hungary

Since 2005, DentalTrips offers good and affordable dental treatments in Hungary and recently, also in The Netherlands !

Save 70% to 50% on your dental costs!

Generally speaking, the costs of dental care and the waiting lists have become tremendous.
Because of this many people look abroad for dental care. For example The Netherlands or Hungary, where the standard for dental care is very high but the price is significantly lower. There are no waiting times and dental treatments can be performed in one week to 10 days

To simply go to The Netherlands or Hungary for Dental treatment can be rather difficult for an individual. The journey, the foreign language, quality, which specialist, to organize all this can be very challenging. DentalTrips will take all of these obstacles for you.

DentalTrips mediates you on your dental trip to The Netherlands or Hungary.

- We take care of the transport between your hotel and the dentist.
- The dentist speaks English.
- You can contact us all the time during your journey.
- The treatment is preceded by an extended diagnosis and will only start when the schedule and quotation has been accepted.
- Your Dental Insurance may reimburse some or all of the costs incurred. We strongly recommend you to check this in advance.

Are you afraid of the dentist?

DentalTrips has a lot of experience with people who, by their fear often for years, not seeing the dentist with their problems. Through our experience and with our personal guidance, patients overcome their fear. They returned back home, with beautiful, healthy teeth and with more self-confidence. Of course, natural beauty and tranquility, have also contributed.

Dental treatment in Hungary

Dental clinic in Hungary

Dental clinic in the Netherlands